Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, that's 2.1 since the highpoint of this tracking. I had a good feeling last night about the meter would tell me this morning. I did, however, have a headache all day yesterday. It's still hanging around today, but it is much more dull. So, my guess is that the headache is still due to something I've cut out or seriously cut back on over the last few days. Had a wrap for lunch today that I was hoping would be like one of DB's creations. It was good, but, alas, there was no real comparison. I was also able to not typically grab what I normally would have for lunch today. By this I mean that I was able to practice a lot of conscious thought and not grab what I normally would have from the store where I was today. Some of you may be appalled at what I used to do for lunch. But, I did what I wanted without thought or care of what it was really doing to me. Few can understand the effort that I had to put in today to keep from going straight back to that old habit. I am going to mark today as a very good day on this blog.

Eat right,

Big Steve