Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Falling Down

I fell this weekend. Hard. Hard enough to the point that I didn't want to post yesterday morning. Monday would have brought the following numbers: 301.8/97. I still need to put up these numbers or I'm not looking at actual accountability to myself. It hurt to go up. It hurt to see the digits. Downfall? Pizza and wings... twice. And some other not so good things. A couple of trainer rides didn't seem to help much. Well, on the surface anyway. I'm sure that they did. Eating yesterday was back to what it should have been, but my guts bubbled with anger. That's a good and bad thing. The bloated feeling that I had most of yesterday, especially yesterday morning, is gone and I feel pretty normal again now. Eating today is giving the right kind of satisfaction. Spun last night for awhile while Julie ellipticalled - I'm sure that's a word. More of the same tonight.

Today's numbers: 299.6/96. Better than yesterday, but when compared to a week ago it's the same. I need to get back to where I was the end of last week and continue the correct downward trend.

Eat right,

Big Steve

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