Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Real Entry


With Julie's family Christmas yesterday, the holidays are officially over. Made some choices yesterday. Some good, some not as good. Couple those food choices with not even breaking into double digits for temps yesterday which kept me inside and the results are easily seen above. I'm not upset about it because I know there's bound to be a few upswings on that first number. I also need to remind myself that I started this during a difficult time of year. My hope from this is that seeing things posted daily will keep me more accountable. I'm not alone in this task, but I'm the only one who can truly make it happen.

At this point, I do not know what will happen on this blog. I will merely be entering thoughts and feelings from that day that it may help me track why I do certain things. People that don't have the issues with food that I have will not and do not understand what someone like me goes through. I have often heard from people, "Well, just don't eat it," or "Stop eating like that." Hey, if it were that simple, do you really think I'd be at the point I am? I understand that it is all choices and certainly there has been no one that has held me down and forced calories into me. But, I cannot tell you how many times I find myself standing in front of the the open refrigerator or pantry eating handfuls of whatever is in there without any real conscious thought of what I'm doing until afterward. Boredom? Maybe. Depression? Maybe. Lack of healthy activity? Yes. Indifference toward myself? Maybe. One of my goals is to figure out why these things are happening to me and what is triggering my actions.

Julie and I have had some long discussions about this. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful, supportive lady at my side who is accepting of my downfalls and is willing to help me work through them.

This morning, we sat down and laid out our menu for the week. This also generates the grocery list for the week and a plan for cooking. We discovered that when we don't have this plan, we throw together anything that is lying around. This leads to fueling up on less than great foods (health-wise, certainly not taste-wise) that are not helping this plight.

The next step(s)? Back to proper portions, slowing down the intake and practicing thorough mastication. Sounds so basic, but I believe that this is where I need to start. Along with this, I have a checklist to make sure that I'm getting my five servings of fruits and vegetables as well as enough water.

For those of you who stop in, I can promise nothing. You may or may not help support me. You may or may not choose to read the entries. You may find me and my thoughts interesting, you may find them excruciatingly boring.

Well, enough for now. I'm off to make some much better decisions than those in recent history.

Eat right,

Big Steve

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  1. Fuck yeah baby! I'll be readin' every damn day.